Priority Property Services

Onsite Documentation

Quality Control Inspection

A quality control inspection report is to be developed for each site, based on the specification and varying requirements.
Planned regular inspections of all work are to be carried out using the Quality Control Report form and all aspects of the inspection recorded. Where sub standard work is found, arrangement for rectification and follow up to ensure the defect is brought to the required standard.

Supply copies of inspection reports to clients representatives for their information and comment should they be required.
Note: Where a defect is found and rectification is required, ensure that employees are using the correct procedure. If not, provide a suitable training and record action taken.

Customer Contact

Maintain regular contact with all customer representatives and ensure meaningful communications are established. Any complaint received from a customer regarding the cleaning standards, staff matters or breeches of safety rules and security shall be dealt with immediately. Assistance must be sought from Senior Management without delay if any issue cannot be resolved.

Staff Training And Competence

Staff personnel skills and levels of competence will be checked and a personal training record maintained. Sponsors trainers under the guidance of the Area Manager or Site Supervisor would be utilised to develop the skills to the required level to provide the standard of hygiene and cleanliness required.

The minimum requirement will be to the Australian Contract Cleaners Association Certificate level of Competence.

The level of Competence for all personnel should be checked on a regular basis to ensure standard methods and procedures are adhered to. Retraining is to be organised if required.

Health & Safety at Work During the Pandemic

As an integral part of Staff Training each staff member would be trained on the Policies, Rules, Procedures and Safety Standards of the Company on the site where they are employed.

Where protective clothing, safety glasses, helmets, shoes or other articles are required these are supplied. Strict adherence to this Policy is monitored by all Supervisory or Management staff. Non compliance is considered a breach of their employment contract.

Staff attend induction programs and are provided with “THINK SAFETY” literature.

Chemicals & Equipment

Data sheets on all cleaning products used by cleaning staff will be available to clients should they be requested A cleaning products – Use and Safety details – chart would be drawn up as to products used on individual clients’ sites.

Electrical or other equipment supplied will comply with Australian Standards. Correct usage of chemicals and equipment is placed in our cleaning rooms.

Management of Quality Assurance System

All site Supervisors and Management staff have been trained in the procedures required to implement the Quality Assurance System on client premises. Each level of management has direct responsibility when visiting client premises to ensure that the programs established on site are being controlled efficiently.

Safety in the Workplace “THINK SAFETY”

If good work practices are adopted accidents can be avoided. If you adhere to the following safety instructions and “THINK SAFETY” as per the attached safety guide you should have an accident free employment.

You will be instructed to the following on each site where you are employed ie- protective clothing, safety glasses, safety helmet, safety shoes. Fire and emergency drills.

Check your electrical equipment at the beginning and end of each shift to ensure switches and cables are in good working order. Clean well before storing. Report defects to your supervisor. Do not attempt to repair yourself.

Always return to the power point to switch off power before disconnecting equipment.

You will be instructed to use chemicals as per the site chemical usage chart. Check the safety information on the chart regularly to become familiar with safety requirements. Do not bring unapproved chemicals on site.

Ensure ladders and step ladders comply with safety requirements. If you are unsure seek advise from your supervisor before using.

Avoid back strain. Do not lift items that are too heavy. Only lift by bending at the knees as instructed and do not carry heavy or bulky items up or down stairs.

When setting floors for cleaning purposes always place out a “wet floor” hazard sign and adopt a sensible safety first approach to the work involved.

Should you see fixtures or surfaces that you consider could be a safety hazard to yourself or others, report it to your supervisor immediately.

Should you have an accident, even if you consider it minor, you will be required to complete an Accident Report form.
“THINK SAFETY” and avoid accidents through good work and safe practice.