Priority Property Services

Management Structure

The Management responsibilities of all staff are clearly defined within our organization.


On Site Supervision

The on site supervisor is responsible for the day staff and quality control.

They are also responsible for the material and equipment usage on site and distribution of toilet requisites.

Reports to the Area Manager.


Area Manager

Each Area Manager is responsible for a selected number of contracts. They are assisted by one or more Area Supervisors depending on the number of contracts in their portfolio.

The Area Manager is responsible for the maintenance of each contract with regards to staffing, equipment and materials, training, communication with client representatives, Quality control and periodic duties.

Reports to the Operations Manager.


Operation Manager

The Operations Manager has fully responsibility for all contracts under their control.

They visit each contract as required on a regular basis to ensure all specified work is carried out and that all aspects of the Contract are satisfactory.

Reports to the General Manager.


General Manager

The General Manager has final responsibility and decision making on all aspects of each contract.

They maintain contact with representatives of clients Companies and visits the site on a regular basis.

They are available at all times for whatever purposes the client requires.


Individual work schedules are provided for each employee. The Area Manager has the facility to provide additional or replacement staff should they be required. Contingency plans for each contract are in place to maintain schedules on a daily basis and deal with emergencies as they arise.


All management staff have a planned weekly inspection format coordinated so that all levels of management attend on a regular basis. The Area Manager maintains a predetermined inspection routine. Should additional inspections be required for any reason they are included into the format.


Priority Property Services has a company Training Program in place that fully complies with the Training Guarantee Act. All cleaning Personnel and Management participate in structured programs suitable to their positions.

Communications System

All Supervisors and Management Staff are supplied with mobile phones. A system of communication is in place for each building and are structured to provide the necessary contact and cover emergencies should they arise.