Priority Property Services

Company Objectives

The main objective of PPS is to provide an all-encompassing cleaning solution and building maintenance service to our clients.

Based on our key principles of client satisfaction and quality customer service we aim to deliver these services and exceed our clients’ expectations.

PPS Key Principles

  • Build and maintain an organisation able to meet present and future needs by attracting competent personnel with growth potential and developing their maximum capabilities in a working environment that provides opportunity for incentive.

  • Build and maintain in customers, employees and the rest of the community a reputation for honesty, fairness and good corporate citizenship.

  • Build and maintain a favourable employee attitude that will encourage maximum contribution by furnishing stable employment, fair pay, good working conditions work satisfaction and good communications.

  • Develop confidence and support plans and programs by making company policy and objectives understood.

  • Ensure continuing leadership in the industry bringing new and improved services to an always changing market and establish more efficient methods for the application of resources currently available.